Puerto de Buenos Aires



In an open space of such large dimensions, port workers are indistinguishable from permanent, contracted personnel, suppliers, possible offenders, or unauthorized personnel. To resolve this situation, the Institutional Affairs Department of the Port and its Human Resources Department asked SMARTLEDGE S.A for its vision to solve the problem with the internal support of the Technology and Systems Area.




For this work, a team of SMARTLEDGE SA personnel was arranged to capture data (enrollment) of all port personnel, which had to be carried out in a specially assembled operation, visiting the different port offices in successive weeks. A percentage of the port staff performs tasks in commission, outside the headquarters, touring different parts of the country, for which the data capture lasted approximately 45 days. The credential has a chip that allows the implementation of various functionalities.


Services associated with access control to exclusive areas, dining rooms and vending machines (snacks) were implemented in stages. These functionalities were in line with the need for security, reliable identification of personnel and valuable applications that showed the prominence of the Human Resources and Institutional Areas of the company. With the credentials it was possible to have a differentiating, unfalsifiable, portable and useful element.

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