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What is being a partner?

Being a business partner is a form of strategic collaboration in which two businesses work together to achieve common goals and benefit each other. Thus providing the best service to our customers.

Why you need to become a partner

Opportunity for growth: you will have the opportunity to grow together with the company. This can mean more exposure to new customers, business opportunities, and of course, higher income.

Access to resources and knowledge: You will have access to company resources and knowledge, including specialized tools and technologies, experience and skills of company professionals. This can help you improve your own brand and knowledge in the area.

Long-term alliance: you will be forming a long-term alliance with the company. This means that you will have a relationship of trust and cooperation to achieve goals together, which can be beneficial both for your career and for the success of the company in the market.

In partnership with


SaaS AI PenTesting on demand.

Herta Security

World leaders in facial recognition solutions applicable to all industries and markets.


The most powerful way to avoid fraud with new users (digital onboarding KYC)


Yubico phishing-resistant, multi-factor authentication (MFA) devices stops account takeovers for the world’s largest organizations.


Versasec’s vSEC:CMS, helps companies of all sizes easily deploy and manage virtual and physical smart cards, tokens, RFID and other PKI credentials throughout their lifecycle


Software as a Service blocks for eCommerce sites building.

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