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We are a community of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in various fields of technology, which through integrated management allows us to benefit from the best in each area of technological knowledge.

Thanks to this we can face challenges that are not always known, because we trust in our individual and collective capacities.

We have more than 12 years of experience providing solutions for the unequivocal identification of people, objects or devices, always focused on our values of customer orientation, to achieve full satisfaction; enjoying the quality of daily work; and constantly innovating and learning.


Since its inception, SMARTLEDGE S.A has invested a significant percentage of its income in research and development (R&D). We have generated our own latest generation software and electronic solutions that adapt to the needs of our customers.
We help and accompany companies of all sizes and industries to operate in the best way.
services enable our clients to operate profitably, continuously adapt and make a difference.


Provide services that allow our clients to operate profitably, be disciplined to make a difference. Create solutions and computer platforms aimed at meeting the particular needs of our customers.

Organizational Change Management

Adapt your organization to the changes associated with digital innovation using personalized consulting services that fit your needs.

Some of the clients we work with

What we offer?

What do we believe?


How innovative technologies can transform businesses, create great experiences, and create high-performing workspaces. Reinventing yourself is a top priority for businesses as they adapt to the changing priorities and needs of customers and employees.

Constant improvement

Companies face an unprecedented need to improve their digital presence and make it as easy as possible to interact with customers and employees wherever they are. By providing more opportunities to interact with brands and their products, this will enable the development of new customer experience methods and tools to help companies strengthen long-term relationships with them.


We help you identify and solve your most critical business challenges using proven technology practices that align with your customer needs and organizational goals. You can use design and delivery of digital experiences, software development, security testing, quality assurance, and more.

We provide organizations with the information and analysis that will help them create the right strategy for their activity.