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biometric access, fingerprint, facial, RFID cards

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About Us

We are a community of highly trained professionals with vast experience in varied technological fields, which –thanks to our comprehensive approach to management– helps us leverage the best of each technological knowledge field.

This trust on our individual and group abilities enables us to meet challenges that may not always be foreseeable, as we deal with challenges from many different enterprise areas.

We have over 12 years of experience in the provision of solutions for the unequivocal identification and tracking of persons, objects, and devices –always focused on our values of client orientation for full client satisfaction; enjoyment of good quality day-to-day work; and constant innovation and learning.

Our Mission

We aim at crossing borders with the use of information and communication technologies as a tool to build solutions that meet our clients’ expectations and benefit them, as well as enabling our partners to attain their goals.

Our Vision

In keeping with our distinct values –namely quality, customized service, accountability, and flexibility to changes– we aim at becoming an agile, configurable, and flexible local and international organization, that excels among IT solution providers to provide tangible and relevant benefits for the organizations using our services.

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